Gamma Meccanica has always been committed to offer its customers a continuous improvement in the performance of the lines for the regeneration of plastic materials with particular attention to the development of new tools to control product quality in real time and to make equipment more interconnected.

In the era of Industry 4.0 that promotes the digitization of production processes, GM lines are characterized by high level of automation, maximum quality of the recycled product (granules) and improved energy savings.

We remind you that for several years Gamma Meccanica installs on all its lines the devices for the remote connection of its machines. Through this connection it is possible to monitor the line while it is running and, if necessary, to modify and optimize the software (both PLC and HMI).
By connecting to the customer database it is possible to download data either to the Gamma Meccanica lines (for example, to set the necessary recipes for the production change) or to the database itself. The customer can store all operating parameters as well as machine alarms in real time. By using these data, it is possible to reset alarms and, for example, with graphs, to analyze the change of the values that the client considers the most important.
Gamma Meccanica also offers a range of utilities that thanks to the interconnection with the line are able to offer a retrofit on existing lines which are running. An example is the in-line weighing machine that can give the customer a whole series of data about production capacity.
Another important characteristic is a very high security standards of GM lines that comply with the latest regulations. On the control panel there is a PLC dedicated exclusively to the management of safety devices and control circuits.

The Industry 4.0 for Gamma Meccanica is a well-known process, but thanks to the continuous customer feedback, the company continues to develop new, more reliable and powerful tools.