Advantages of Gamma Meccanica S.P.A

Advantages of Gamma Meccanica S.p.A.

The strengths of Gamma Meccanica S.p.A. that allow us to achieve our goals and to meet and exceed customer requests are:

Long-term experience

The strong focus on customer needs and the continued collaboration with our long standing clients permits us to accumulate a wealth of unique knowledge and experience.
Today our quality is the result of long-term experience, hard work, determination and dedication to what we love: for 40 years we represent a guarantee for our customers.

Human Resource

Our machines are not made only of iron, but also of ideas, of efforts and of smiles: Gamma Meccanica is first of all a group of people who share a daily passion and professionalism and this contributes to the company’s daily growth and new achievements.

Quality: from design to construction

We think it, we design it, we realize it and we put it into operation.
The feature and the pride of our company is the realization process of our plants and our machines: design, construction, assembly and testing of each machine is completed inside the company. The expert technical department, the workshop with advanced equipment and technology, an assembly workshop to mount and to test our lines and the quality control department allows us to control the evolution of the project in all stages ensuring the final quality of the typical “Italian quality”!

Research and development: the future begins today

Gamma Meccanica collaborates with its customers, with universities and research centers.
To benefit the customer, the research and development department is continually looking for new solutions that will improve performance of the equipment quality, production capacity, and reliability and to develop environmentally sustainable processes and applications.

Customisation and after-sales service

We are here, we are with you!
Customers of Gamma Meccanica S.p.A. can rely on the support of highly qualified personnel. The company has a large stock of spare parts, to meet the needs of its customers.
Choose Gamma Meccanica means choose a partner you can trust.

Transparency, honesty, achievement orientation

The customer is involved through a constant feedback with the commercial and technical department at all stages, from planning and realization, until the testing of equipment.
We have a clear commitment: to meet the customer’s needs in a timely and comprehensive manner.