PET recycling GMoby Line

PET recycling – from the bottle to the pellet with G.Moby line


MOBY line for regeneration, crystallization, dehumidification, “Super-Clean” and the increase of IV (Intrinsic Viscosity) of polyester (PET).

For PET recycling Gamma Meccanica S.p.A. proposes the line G•MOBY that can pelletize  waste of any form – from bottles, to plates, strapping, textile yarns, by the COMPAC shredding unit.

With the accurate filtration, TI underwater pelletizer and infrared waves G•MOBY provides  a PET material that can be used for any production.

PET recycling for the production of pellets suitable for Food Packaging

G•MOBY line thanks to PET recycling produces pellets suitable to be used to produce the Food Packaging (“food contact”) in accordance with the  regulations of FDA and  EFSA,  as well as pellets for applications that require  high viscosity.

Advantagess of G•MOBY line:

  • waste pelletizing of any form;
  • pellets suitable for food use approved by the FDA and EFSA;
  • crystallized pellets;
  • increase of intrinsic viscosity up to 0,1 dl/g/h;
  • energy efficiency;
  • quick return on investment.