Special Lines And Machinery For XPS Boards

Special Lines And Machinery For XPS Boards

Gamma Meccanica S.p.A. produces special lines and machinery for extruded polystyrene boards with particular characteristics for online or off-line production.

Examples of special lines and machinery for the production of:

  • boards with non standard dimensions (width, length and thickness)
  • boards for roofing applications with sub-tile strips
  • boards coupled with rigid products (gypsum plasterboard, wood etc ..)
  • boards coupled with flexible products (aluminum, film, etc. ..)
  • boards for the prefabrication of walls or roofs

Flame retardant cost reduction technology

Gamma Meccanica S.p.A. can supply a special system to introduce the flame retardant in the extruder, in liquid form.
This technology allows to reduce costs in the production of XPS boards containing a % of flame retardant; in two different ways:

  • allowing to buy the flame retardant in a cheaper form than granules,
  • ensuring a better mix of the components in the melt, and consequently the possibility to use less % of it at the same test parameters,

Both improvements will allow to save money in production cost.