Heated roller for Glass Wool production lines


Heated roller for Glass Wool production lines (On line facing unit for insulation materials)

The heated roller is used to couple the glass wool with facing materials (it is possible to use aluminium, kraft paper and glass veil). The facing materials are used as barrier for vapour and dust.
The heated roller is installed in the cold end of the line (at the output of curing oven and after the edge trimming unit).
The bonding proceeds with electrically heated roller which melts the plastic film (when the facing material has a pre-coupled plastic film) or at lower temperatures but with the addition of vinylic or similar glue on water base.
The facing can be done only on the bottom side of the product or on both sides: the system working at high production speed, is completed with a machine dedicated to facilitate the operator’s functions consisting of the changing of the coils with reinforcing material.