Melting Furnace for Glass wool production lines


Melting Furnace for Glass wool production lines

The melting furnace for glass wool production lines uses electric energy to melt raw materials trasforming it into liquid glass.
The feeding system keeps a uniform layer of not fused raw materials on the entire surface of “melting bath tube” so that the superior part of melting system remains cold (cold top).
Then the liquid glass is sent through a special canal heated by gas (feeder) to the different fiberizing systems.

Cold Top Electric melter – Melting Furnace

The “cold top” electric melter has the following exclusive advantages which are extremely relevant for the growing market needs:

  • efficient energy use,
  • low emissions: filtrating system consists only of a simple bag filter for dust
  • ease of use for the operators: control of all the functions, power setup, control of the glass level and control of the loads is automatic, operator intervention is reduced to the minimum;
  • flexibility: compared to conventional bath furnace (gas furnaces) this furnace can be turned off or put in stand-by very fast, according to production needs, without damaging refractory
  • low maintenance costs

The melter has a minimum capacity of 10 ton/day and a maximum capacity of 55 ton/day of glass fiber production.
To have higher capacity it is possible to install more furnaces in parallel, which would feed the unique feeder.