Melting Furnace For Rock Wool Production Lines


Melting Furnace for rock wool production lines

The melting furnace used in rock wool production plants, allows the fusion of raw materials.

Gamma Meccanica S.p.A. proposes two types of melting furnace:

  • Cupola furnace (coke)
  • Electric melter

Cupola Furnace, the first type of melting furnace

The cupola furnace uses the combustion of the coke and the hot air to melt the mixture of raw materials transforming it into the melt.
The melted rock is transformed into rock wool fibers.
This type of melting furnace has the body that mainly consists of special steel resistant to high temperatures ( “steel for boiler”), the melting occurs at high temperature and the body of the furnace is water cooled. The circulation of the coolant liquid occurs with natural circulation system, without the aid of pumps, which makes the system inherently safe even in case of black-out. No need for emergency power generation systems. Some parts are coated in special refractory material (siphon, liquid output etc.).
The main advantages of the cupola furnace are:

  • Possibility of switch off / on in a short time;
  • Reduced costs and easy maintenance;
  • Ability to recycle waste of the production line turning it into briquettes;
  • High operating flexibility.

The cupola furnace of Gamma Meccanica S.p.A. is designed for capacity from 1.5-2 t/h to 12 t/h (of finished product).

Electric melter, the second type of melting Furnace

Gamma Meccanica S.p.A. offers also electric melter.
The melting of the raw material is obtained by the electrical power generated by electrodes immersed in the melt.
The main advantages of electric melter for rock wool production line are the following:

  • Use of electricity instead of coke;
  • Ability to recycle all types of the waste (without turning them into briquettes);
  • Low specific energy consumption and greater efficiency of melting process.