Thermoplastics materials recycling – Tandem Line

Very printed, humid and contaminated materials

For thermoplastics materials recycling very printed, materials with over 10% humidity Gamma Meccanica S.p.A. realized the new Tandem line.

The tipical composition of the thermoplastics recycling line is the following:

  • feeding system Compac AFT 125 ECOTRONIC
  • two extruders GM125 arranged in “tandem”.

The efficiency of the thermoplastics recycling line is guaranteed by an innovative (and patented) degassing system. Two screen changers are connected to the line:

  • one screen changer after the primary extruder, which expels contaminated materials with size over 0.5 mm
  • one screen changer after the secondary extruder, which allows the removal of 50-100 microns particles.

Tandem, as the thermoplastics recycling line is the perfect solution in case of heavily contaminated recycled materials.

The end of the line consists of TDA 4.0 pelletizer.

The degassing station installed on the GM125 Tandem is highly efficient in the processing of materials with over 100% of print.

The system for thermoplastics materials recycling is based upon the principle of creating a very large surface of exposure of the material to vacuum and in increasing the residence time of material inside the degassing section.

The gas or steam that are formed by melt temperature and are mixed inside in the form of more or less distributed bubbles, are eliminated by the force created by vacuum extraction.

On the secondary extruder is installed another degassing station to expel any residual gases.

The thermoplastics materials recycling plant is suitable for the regeneration of printed film with very high humidity.

The production capacity is up to 750 kg/h. With a lateral dosing system it can also be used to regenerate heavy regrind.

The previous model, a GM 180 tandem line, is operating at a French customer to recycle bottles with over 100% of print, the plant has a production capacity up to 1500 kg/h.