Underwater pelletizer for plastic recycling lines and pelletizing

The underwater pelletizer developed by Gamma Meccanica S.p.A. is ideal to process all materials present on the market,

The underwater pelletizer is especially suitable for materials with high fluidity such as PET (polyethylene terephthalate), HOT-MELT, TPU, NYLON and others.

Characteristics of underwater pelletizer

Compared to previous models, the underwater pelletizer has features that further improve its performance and use.

The main novelties of new underwater pelletizer are related for instance to the die plate, now divided into two parts for quick and easy production changes and maintenance operations. Furthermore, the die plate consists of plates made of Widia to increase hardness and to limit the wear over time while significantly reducing costs.

The plate holder of underwater pelletizer is “self-aligning”: it automatically adapts to the working surface given by the die plate.

The pressure of the blades on the die plate is managed by an electronic system that can be programmed at pre-defined intervals of time and with variable intensity.

The head of the die is modular and can be used for both medium and large productions by simply replacing the tank and the centrifuge.

The pump and heat exchangers are modular: when working with materials that do not require very hot water, one can avoid the installation of the electric heaters.

All new features have been designed to improve performance and to ensure quick and easy maintenance operations on underwater pelletizer.

An example are the seals on the drive shaft of underwater pelletizer, the control status of the electric heaters, or the opening of the cutting chamber  to replace the plate holder as well as several other interventions.

The centrifuge has a new engine that allows to operate at the speed most suitable to the type of material. Noise emissions caused by the passage of the granule have been greatly reduced.

The new underwater pelletizer is available in two sizes: TI 4.5, generally installed on lines GM65, GM90, GM105 and GM125 and TI 5.6, generally installed on lines GM160, GM180 and GM210.