Line for PET recycling

PET recycling – the line with ECOTRONIC system and underwater pelletizer

The Pet recycling line (able to recycle yarn, fabric, sheet and film) is composed of the following:  COMPAC with ECOTRONIC system (Cutter-Compactor), extruder, screen changer and the new underwater pelletizer.

The COMPAC feeding with ECOTRONIC system prepares the material for the subsequent stages of the Pet recycling process.

Thanks to temperature control the PET is grinded by rotating blades, and then densified: during this phase of pet recycling, a high amount of the moisture is expelled in the form of steam.

Through the locking screw, that was made shorter than previous models to give greater compactness and convenience in handling of the plant, the material is pushed into the extruder.

In the COMPAC feeding system were made some changes to allow the easier maintenance operations, for example, it was created a side door placed at a convenient height, which allows to inspect the inside of the silo and to clean it out from production residues.

The frame has been simplified to make the assembly more practical and to optimize the introduction of the material through the conveyor belt in the case of mixed waste, through roll system for film reels, as well as through the batch bin for the ground material.

To ensure the complete expulsion of residual moisture on the extruder were installed two degassing ports and one vacuum system.

The specific screen changer is connected to the extruder in order to process PET.

The end of the line consists of the newly designed TI underwater pelletizer realized by Gamma Meccanica S.p.A. to process all materials present on the market; especially materials with high fluidity such as PET, HOT-MELT, TPU, NYLON and so on.

Compared to previous models, this new pelletizer has additional features designed to improve performance and use.

Thanks to ECOTRONIC system energy consumption is greatly reduced and the quality of the recycled granules that is obtained is very good.

The recycled material can be placed directly back into the production process.

GM5050 – 180
GM65150 – 300
GM90250 – 510
GM105400 – 710
GM125600 – 1000
GM160900 – 1450
GM1801500 – 2100
GM2102000 – 2800

* The productions are referred to fibers and yarn or light ground film PET and they can change depending on the apparent density of the material, degree of pollution, print percentage, humidity percentage.