Plastic recycling lines COMPAC

Plastic recycling systems COMPAC

The COMPAC recycling line is designed to deal with special materials such as film, fibres, fabrics and yarns and consists in a feeder equipped with shredder, extruder, screen changer and pelletizer.

The shredder “shreds” the material preparing it to be processed by the extruder. During shredding material is heated and densified so that any residual humidity present in the plastic material to be regenerated evaporates. Increasing the density of the material also ensures a constant flow through the extruder.

Recycling material is conveyed into the system by a conveyor belt, while film (on reels) is introduced by means of an unwinding system (or take-off unit).

The COMPAC recycling line is available in several models depending on the required output of plastic material.

GM500,25 ÷ 0,3050-150
GM650,25 ÷ 0,30150-260
GM900,25 ÷ 0,30250-500
GM1050,25 ÷ 0,30400-680
GM1250,25 ÷ 0,30600-950
GM1600,25 ÷ 0,301000-1400
GM1800,25 ÷ 0,301500-2000
GM2100,25 ÷ 0,302000 – 2800

* The productions are referred to LDPE, and they can change depending on the density of plastic material, degree of pollution, print percentage and humidity percentage.