Plastic recycling lines with Forced feed

Plastic recycling line with forced feed

Plastic recycling lines are ideal to recycle plastic materials in form of film or granules using a grinding mill.

A conventional line consists of:

  • grinder,
  • forced feed,
  • extruder,
  • screenchanger
  • pelletizer.

The grinder for plastic recycling

The grinder present in the plastic recycling line breaks down the material to be recycled making it more suitable for the recycling process.

From the grinding mill the material is conveyed the to the forced feeder.

The forced feeder for plastic recycling lines

The forced feeder ensures a functional and homogenous flow of plastic material to the extruder.

This type of the line is available in several models depending on the required output of plastic material.

GM650,23 ÷ 0,28180 – 200
GM900,23 ÷ 0,28250 – 300
GM1050,23 ÷ 0,28400 – 500
GM1250,23 ÷ 0,28550 – 650
GM1600,23 ÷ 0,28900 – 1100
GM1800,23 ÷ 0,281000 – 1500
GM2100,23 ÷ 0,281100 – 1900

* The productions are referred to LDPE of 40 μm, and they can change depending on the density of the material, degree of pollution, print percentage and humidity percentage.