Tandem Line – Thermoplastics materials recycling

Recycling of very printed, humid and contaminated materials

Gamma Meccanica S.p.A. realized the Tandem line for recycling of heavily printed thermoplastics materials, contaminated materials and  materials with humidity over  12%.

The line is composed of a COMPAC system and two extruders arranged in “tandem”.

The effectiveness of the plant for the recycling of heavily printed thermoplastics materials is guaranteed by an innovative and patented degassing system.

An important benefit of the Tandem line is the possibility to have the double filtration for the recycling of highly contaminated materials.

Two screen changers can be connected: one after the primary extruder that expels the contaminating particles of greater size and the other after the secondary one to ensure the finer filtration

The cutting system is installed at the end of the recycling  line.