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Plastic recycling systems

Systems for plastic recycling and pelletizing

From plastic recycling to pelletizing, Gamma Meccanica S.p.A.  researches and develops machines and systems designed to recycle a vast variety of plastic materials available on the market by transforming them into perfect and regular granulesConstant technological and applicative research by highly qualified staff, make the company one of the leading players on the international market. Recycling and regeneration systems are able to recycle a vast variety of plastics in various forms: film, bottles, textiles, yarns, fibres, containers, sheets.

Gamma Meccanica S.p.A. recycling systems can be devided into three main types:

  • COMPAC lines consisting of
    • shredder;
    • extruder;
    • filter;
    • pelletizer.
  • CONVENTIONAL lines consisting of
    • granulator;
    • forced feeding;
    • extruder;
    • filter;
    • pelletizer.
  • PET recycling systems consisting of
    • dehumidifier,
    • extruder,
    • filter
    • pelletizer.

Among the main materials that Gamma Meccanica S.p.A. lines can recycle there are: LLDPE, HDPE, LDPE, HWMPE, EVA, PP, BOPP, OPP, PS, EPS, XPS, ABS, PC e PET.

In the last years has spread the use of biodegradable plastics.

Companies operating in this market can pick up different opportunities with Gamma Meccanica S.p.A. that has been producing and developing these lines since the early 90’s.

Pelletizing systems for plastic recycling

Gamma Meccanica S.p.A. pelletizing systems can also be employed for the pelletization of other types of materials, such as: POM, charged PE and PP, TR, PVC, SBS, KRATON, PA and HOT MELT.

Customised solutions for plastic recycling systems

Each manufactured machine or line is designed after careful analysis of the needs expressed by the customer providing complete “turnkey” solution.