Automatic Handling for bobbins

Automatic Handling for bobbins

Since year 2013 Engineering Sant’Anselmo (ESA) has become the handling division of Gamma Meccanica SpA: specialized in Direct and assembled roving, It is the ideal partner in supplying integrated and dedicated handling solutions for basalt fiber bobbins and glass fiber bobbins.

Engineering Sant’Anselmo staff comes from automation experiences acquired in machine tool fields: the extensive know-how comes from experience, integration capability and several cooperation with worldwide leader companies in glass fiber and basalt fiber production.

Since more than 20 years,  Engineering Sant’Anselmo activity main consists to execute systems projects and special machines suitable for satisfying the specific functions requested by Customers: The result is the capacity to create reliable and dedicated automation systems/handling system for roving .

Feasibility study, inspections, researches and deep analysis give rise to:

  • Technological innovations in Roving Handling
  • Reduction in production costs for glass fiber and basal fiber bobbins
  • Optimization of bobbins handling and product full tracking
  • Reduction in production changes time, maintenance and personnel on line

GAMMA MECCANICA – ESA systems are studied to handle the product untouched and uncontaminated. We offer Several technologies/solution basing on pallet dimension and combinations.

Full tracking of the bobbin along all process line.

Turn key solutions.

Each project for glass fiber /basalt fiber / carbon bobbins handling can have a different level of automatization:  our target is to find together with our Customer the best technical and economical solution.

Assembled roving: automation solution for fiber bobbins handling
Direct roving : handling system for glass fiber , basal fiber and carbon bobbins