Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) Production Lines, Insulating Materials

Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) Production Lines, Insulating Materials

The extruded polystyrene called also XPS is a plastic material combined with other components and expanded by means of a blowing agent in order to create a continuous structure.
Extruded polystyrene is used as an insulating material, it has several properties, such as: simple installation (it’s very light but very strong), high resistant to temperature changes, physical and dimensional stability, good resistance to compression, this is an inorganic product (therefore it prevents the development of micro organisms such as fungus and moulds), it is water-resistant and it is not dangerous for people or environment.
Thanks to extruded polystyrene you can save energy and reduce pollution.

Since 1990 Gamma Meccanica S.p.A. designs and realizes complete production lines and single machines for the production of XPS boards.
Every line or machine is designed as per the specific requests of customer.
This allows the development of a customer-supplier rapport based on trust and collaboration, which continues for the entire lifetime of the system thanks to the Gamma Meccanica post-sales service.

Remote assistance with VPN technology

In order to assure an effective and on-time assistance which helps to void unplanned and long production stops, Gamma Meccanica can install a remote diagnostic and control system based on VPN technology which directly connects the customers supervising system to After Sales assistance station in Gamma Meccanica’s headquarter in Italy.
This solution allows to reduce the intervention costs with with greater customer satisfaction.
The connections with Gamma Meccanica Centre of Technical Support are safe, and the data are protected by strictly confidential agreements. In addition, upon the request it is possible to support customers during the production phase and / or during the development of new products.

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Blowing agent system for XPS
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