Stacker for Glass Wool Production Lines


Stacker for Glass Wool Production Lines

The stacker is the production unit installed in cold end of the line after the cutting systems, it stacks the glass wool boards preparing them for packaging.

The stacking begins from from the bottom (one layer is inserted under the others) with special forks device.
The number of layers and the height of the stack can be adjusted from the control system.

To achieve the highest production speeds the stacker can be completed with a pre-stacking machine.

Main characteristics of the stacker

The main characteristics of Gamma Meccanica stacker:

  • high performance (stacking speed and packs height)
  • high level of automatization;
  • low maintenance;
  • installation of the machine in line, the product can pass through the unit when the stacking operation is not requested (for example with rolled up felt).
  • easy use and control of the machine
  • stacking of different widths and lengths without any intervention for regulation or set up