Pipe section production lines

Pipe section production lines

The Gamma Meccanica lines for the production of pipe sections can work both with glass wool and rock wool, and characterized by high efficiency and productivity.
The elevated automation level allows to reduce the operators functions up to a simple control of different operating steps.
The pipe section production lines for glass wool can be installed whether in line or out of line, while the lines for rockwool are installed exclusively out of line.

The pipe sections of rock wool are externally rectified to guarantee a smooth external surface and required dimensions.
For glass wool this type of operation is not requested.

Advantages of Gamma Meccanica pipe section production lines

Advantages of Gamma Meccanica pipe section production lines:

  • optimal curing (whether with microwave oven or traditional gas or electric oven),
  • superficial finishing,
  • respect of dimensional and geometric tollerances required by the market.

rock wool pipe sections

The lines are designed to produce pipe sections having different length: from 914 to 1200 mm.
The internal diameters usually are from ½” to 12” (with the possibility to produce pipe sections up to 30” on special lines).

Pipe section production lines: the “jacketing machine”

When required, Gamma Meccanica can add to the pipe section production line an automatic unit for coupling of aluminium sheet or kraft paper on the external surface of the pipe section.
The main characteristics of this unit:

  • automatic receiving of the pipe sections without operator’s intervention;
  • versatility of coupling (with or without overlapping edges, with or without bi-adhesive tape to seal the sheet);
  • the coupling process is automatic and the position of aluminium sheet is determined by a special laser sensor, which guarantees the perfect alignment and positioning.

This machine is placed at the end of the pipe section production line (in-line mode).
If necessary this unit can be installed out of the line (off-line mode), in that case the operator has to feed manually the pipe sections on the machine, while the rest of the process is automatic.

pipe-section-production-lines pipe-section-production-jacketing-machine