Pipe section production lines

Pipe section production lines

Gamma Meccanica pipe sections production lines allows the production of finished products for special applications, using the products derived from main process lines. These lines are characterized by high efficiency and productivity, they canwork both with glass wool and rock wool.

The pipe section production lines for glass wool can be installed whether in line or out of line, while the lines for rockwool are installed exclusively out of line.

Advantages of Gamma Meccanica pipe section production lines

  • respect of dimensional and geometric tollerances
  • optimal curing
  • low energy consumption
  • low line man power
  • quick changeover

rock wool pipe sections

Gamma Meccanica technology for pipe sections production: Split & Multi Mandrel

Gamma Meccanica offers two solutions for the production of pipe sections:

Split Mandrel technology for the production of pipe sections
Multi-mandrel technology for the production of pipe sections