System to recover production waste and edge-trims for glass wool production lines

The system to recover production waste created by Gamma Meccanica S.p.A. serves to improve the general efficiency of the tecnologic line (economic advantage), recovering and recycling the waste of fiber.
In general the system to recover production waste offers:

  • The possibility to send the edges produced during the the trimming and grinding directly to the forming chamber or alternatively to a storage silo.
  • The possibility to recover the production waste, the defective boards or the bulk wool from the main line with an independent unit that mills the material transforming it into flakes and sending it through cyclons to the same storage silo.
  • The possibility to dose by means of extractor, doser, scale the exact quantity of production waste included into the product, optimizing the mixing and avoiding to have products of poor quality and with low mechanical properties.

Important note: the fans of the cyclons for transport of the wastes are not crossed by the product and are not in contact with the material. So the wear is considerably limited with possibility to use a common and economic fans.