Fiberizer, spinning machine for rock wool production lines


Fiberizer, spinning machine for rock wool production lines

The fiberizer or spinning machine is the technological heart of the system, which transforms the melt into fibers.
According to the needs of the customers Gamma Meccanica S.p.A. can offer the following alternatives:

  • Conventional spinning machine;
  • High performance aerodynamic spinning machine;
  • Double spinning machine.

Conventional spinning machine – fiberizing machine

In the conventional spinning machine for rock wool production the number of discs may vary from 2 to 4 (according to the required production capacity) and the transmission of motion from the motors to the spindles occurs via special belts.
The conventional spinning machine, depending on the number of disks, is ideal for small to medium capacity ensuring high reliability and easy maintenance with reduced costs.

High performance aerodynamic spinning machine – fiberizing machine

The high performance aerodynamic spinning machine (or fiberizing machine) is the result of thirty years of experience of Gamma Meccanica supported by the modern design tools (aerohydrodynamic simulations, finite element calculations, etc.) and by collaboration with universities, research centers and pilot plants.
The aim is to reach the high capacity with very high quality of the fiber (length, diameter, elasticity, compressibility ….).
The machine has reduced external dimensions since the motors that move the spindles are mounted in line with them: as a result we have a constant, uniform air flow without turbulence, which makes the distribution of the primary felt in the forming chamber highly uniform, even with very low density.
The aerodynamic spinning machine has a maximum capacity of 7.5 t/h, and thanks to the high reliability and cutting edge mechanical solutions, this machine allows us to obtain ultra-light products, with final density up to 25 kg/m3.

Double spinning machine – fiberizing machine

The double spinning machine is the solution applied by Gamma Meccanica for production plants with capacities from 9 to 12 t/h. To ensure efficiency and high production, two spinning machines, suitably designed, work in parallel. In this way the melt can be distributed and fiberized by both fiberizing machines at the same time, to be then collected in a single forming chamber.