Uncured Felt production lines

Uncured Felt production lines

The uncured felt production line has been developed to obtain products for special applications.
It’s an auxiliary line (to install in addition to the main production line) where the felt with binder is diverted before it enters the curing oven.
With this felt it is possible to produce special products (as pipe sections, shapes, false ceilings), or it can be sold as is to other transformation companies.

Structure of uncured felt the production line

The uncured felt production line consists of :

  • set of conveyors to divert the product from the main line,
  • longitudinal cut in strips (with or without trimming),
  • cut on the required length,
  • application (if necessary) of a facing material as plastic film, paper, glass veil etc,
  • roll up and packaging of the felts.

The line which collects the “white” felt can be installed also on the existing production lines.
Gamma Meccanica thanks to its rich experience is able to propose the best technical solution and to realize custom-made lines for the collection of the uncured felt optimizing areas and costs.